c3ipblock PHP Script


c3ipblock is a very simple PHP script to block malicious users from accessing certain areas of a web site (such as forms) thus preventing spam or hacking attempts. It applies an IP filter that blocks single IP addresses or a range of IP addresses. Your ability to access and control the list of IP addresses is likewise based on your IP address for a modicum of security.

It's primarily a collection of small functions that efficiently handle all of the work. You simply call the main function file as an include in your PHP, then call the validate function at the point you wish to restrict access to your site. At the point in your PHP where you perform data checking and verification, where you suspect a spam submission you can call the email function which formats links c3ipblock will email to yourself, providing a quick and simple way to add the suspected IP to your block list. There is also a simple form that only you from your approved IP address can access, that you can also use to add IPs to your block list.

No database is required as the list of blocked IPs is maintained in a simple text file that c3ipblock maintains. You may also add a group of IPs by directly editing this text file.

This script was developed after receiving a large amount of spam generated from a submission form. It solved the problem by not allowing the spammers to get to the form any longer. Hopefully you will find this equally as useful.

How To Install

Please refer to the included READ_FIRST.txt file included with the script, especially if you are upgrading to version 1.2.


The latest version is 1.2 released Apr. 30, 2019

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