Scripts & Apps

Over the years we've developed many custom software and scripts. Most have generally been developed for a specific use and we're converting them to release to everyone and will be posting them here. Some may have an installation script, some only installation instructions. Most are free to use, but please familiarize yourself with the license and limitations for each one you might use.

If you like our software/scripts, please consider making a donation to support our development efforts. Thank you!

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PHP Scripts PHP Scripts

c3ipblock - block malicious users from a web site.


c3 Heirlooms - record the history of family heirlooms.

WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugins

c3randomquotes - display random quotes.

c3boxes - 3 equally spaced attention boxes.

Scripts For Macs Scripts For Macs

c3checksum - quickly check a file MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksum.