c3boxes WordPress Plugin


c3boxes allows you to place 3 equally sized equally spaced info boxes on your WordPress home page. Each box can have a headline, an optional sub heading, and a short text blurb. The box headline can optionally be a link that points to a page in your site for more information.

c3checksum Script

c3boxes is currently in a final testing cycle of it's initial development and not yet available except on WordPress sites we develop. It will soon be released publicly.

How To Install

Documentation coming soon.

How To Edit The Boxes Content

Editing the text displayed in the boxes is straightforward. First, log in to your WordPress admin area, which is normally found at http://yourdomain/wp-admin. Next search in the left hand menu for “Home Page Boxes” and click on that link. You'll then be presented with the content editing form as shown below.


“Title” is the headline and “Link” is the web address for linking to another page on your site for more information. “Sub Title” is self explanatory and “Text” is what appears as your info blurb to entice your visitors to find out more. Don't forget after editing to click the “Update” button to save your changes.

How To Edit The Boxes Appearance

Documentation coming soon.

Download c3boxes

Coming soon.