Web Hosting

Our Promise To You

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Your contact info will not be provided to anyone without your consent, period.
The content you post on your site is your property and not ours. We will not collect it (beyond periodic site back ups) or sell or use it without your consent.
We won’t store any payment information on our servers. If it’s not there, it can’t be stolen.

Web Hosting Terms of Use

In signing up for hosting with us you agree to the following terms of use for your account with us and failure to comply with any of these terms is grounds for immediate cancellation of your account with no refund.

  • The contact information you provide is accurate and verifiable, and you will update us immediately if it changes.
  • You will not send unsolicited commercial email otherwise known as spam.
  • You will not use your account for the purpose of, or to post any material that could be considered: illegal by U.S. export laws or FCC regulations, pornographic, malware or viruses, phishing, denial of service attacks, hacking, hacked or illegally gotten information or serial numbers, doing any activity with entities U.S. citizens are prohibited from engaging with.
  • You assume full responsibility and liability for ownership and/or the right to publish any content by way of your account with us.
  • You may not operate a mailing list that exceeds a maximum of 500 email per domain per hour.
  • You will not stream large amounts of media in any format other than what is considered normal for small web site operation.

Web Hosting Limitations

We strive to give each client the utmost in care and attention, yet we’re a small company with limited resources. For that reason we are limited in what we’re able to offer our clients. If you need more, please find a host that can offer what you need.

  • We operate within the confines of normal business day hours unless an emergency demands otherwise. This means we can’t provide 24 hour support.
  • We invoice annually with no option for monthly payments. This helps keep our rates low and makes life easier for us all.
  • Limited phone support. We currently utilize email or IM for the majority of all support issues, unless a phone call is deemed necessary at our discretion. We aren’t trying to avoid your call and concerns, we’re just really busy doing the work we do.
  • We do not presently offer a Windows server option which means we can not support FrontPage, .NET, .ASP, or other Microsoft based technologies. If you would like to convert an existing web site from FrontPage to run on a *NIX server we’ll be glad to quote the job for you as a separate cost.
  • No root level server access. If you need something done from a root level please contact us.
  • No reseller accounts.
  • No redundancy. Your site, data and email are on one server only. If it goes down we’ll get it back up ASAP.
  • Only limited backups. It is your responsibility to keep backups of your site and data.
  • No guaranteed uptime. Oh we’re up generally all of the time (over 99%), but with something as complex as the Internet, outages happen. We make no phony claims on percentage of uptime that can’t accurately be measured anyway.