Web Hosting


No. of
Cost per Year
.com / .net / .org
1-4 $16.00
5-9 $15.00

ID Protect
$7 per year per domain.
Multiple year discounts are not available.

Domain Names

We can register/renew/manage your domain name for you.  The rates for registration or renewal are the same and they apply per year of domain name registration.  The rates shown apply to .com .net .org domain names.  Others are available but the registration fee may be higher.

ID Protect

Additionally, we can offer you ID protection on your domain registrations.  Anyone can do a lookup on a domain name and see all of the registrant information, including address, phone number, email, etc.  If you wish your identity to be protected from this lookup you can add ID protect on your domain name.  The rates for ID Protect are per domain name per year.