Web Development

Honest Web Development

Why use the word ‘honest’? To quote the great Canadian band Rush, ‘you can’t get something for nothing’.

Meaning, the cost of web development can be a confusing obfuscation of ‘free’ features that are actually built in to ongoing monthly maintenance charges that you may never use or need, yet are obligated by the development contract to pay for.

Not here. We itemize. We show you what you’re paying for and once the development cycle is over, the charges end. When you need updates down the road that’s all you pay for.

We also don’t advertise a set price for a 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 page web site. Why? It’s not honest or fair for any of us. If you need a site with a lot graphics or a large database we’re not going to try and talk you out of it because you signed up for a $95 package. It’s also false advertising to sell you that $95 package only to surprise you later with extra charges due to extensive development time ‘not covered’ in the $95 package.


Web Development Limitations

We strive to give each client the utmost in care and attention, yet we’re a small company with limited resources. For that reason we are limited in what we’re able to offer our clients. If you need more, please find a developer that can offer what you need.

  • We operate within the confines of a normal business day hours unless an emergency demands otherwise. This means we can’t provide 24 hour support.
  • Limited phone support. We currently utilize email or IM for the majority of all support issues, unless a phone call is deemed necessary at our discretion. We aren’t trying to avoid your call and concerns, we’re just really busy doing the work we do.
  • Limited script support. The scripts we make available are tested before they are released and generally work as intended. If you should find a bug or some feature not working as expected please let us know via email or the appropriate support forum and we’ll immediately look into it. We offer installation for any of our scripts at our current going rates.