Genealogy / Family Web Sites

$60 / year
Web site hosting. This includes WordPress set-up at no extra cost if that’s the platform you wish to use.

Price Varies
Domain name registration. Click HERE for details on pricing and options.

$8 (optional)
Custom script installation **

Genealogy / Family Web Sites

creed3 is uniquely qualified to assist genealogists with getting their hard work on the internet. Our first genealogy web site went online in 1999 as a result of my own family genealogy efforts, and still remains on the web today. Since that time we also volunteer time to assist with community non-profit genealogy web sites.

Our expertise with web hosting, domain names, PHP and MySQL databases gives us a distinct edge when it comes to installing and troubleshooting the various applications that utilize these platforms.

Simply put, we understand the needs of genealogists and have the technical expertise to help you build your family web site.

For web site software you can choose from the following options (to list but a few):

**creed3 does not have any form of professional connection to this software product. We will install it for a one-time $8 fee if you require that.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you.