Site Design

Web Development

‘Web Development’ is a catch-all phrase that includes site design (layout, graphics, etc.) and backend development (scripts, database, etc.). A few years ago putting together a web site was mostly about the design. Getting the color combinations working together, creating a logo and graphics, laying out the page and creating the text. Today’s web site still requires the design but often needs the programming and database to satisfy the many requirements users have come to expect. Unfortunately this type of development usually requires a team of designers and programmers and can often cost well over $10,000.

Small Business

Small businesses and non-profits can’t afford that. The good news is most don’t need a web site requiring that level of development. We understand that and promise we won’t upsell you what you don’t need and can’t afford.

Fortunately for all of us platforms such as WordPress exist today. With a system such as WordPress you can have a web site with enough backend that allows you the freedom to manage and update your web site without breaking the bank. That’s where we can help. We have experience hosting, installing, modifying, and contributing to WordPress. We can design a template specifically for your WordPress site that is unique and represents you without looking like a generic template.

From The Ground Up

WordPress (or other similar systems) is not for everyone. Perhaps a web site with only a few pages that rarely need to be updated is all you need. We can help you. Or similarly, you want a basic site and prefer someone else keep it updated for you because you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. We can help you. What if you want to be able to update only certain areas of your web site but don’t want the flexibility a system like WordPress offers? We can help you. We can build a static web site or a database driven site specific to your needs. From the ground up.


We offer solutions for small business and organizations. Are you tired of trying to figure out how to build your own web site? Not happy with the time you’re pouring into it verses the results you’re getting? You don’t have to fight it any longer. We have your affordable option. Contact us today.