Scripts & Apps

Scripts & Apps

Over the years we’ve developed many custom software and scripts. Most have generally been developed for a specific use and we’re converting them to release to everyone and will be posting them here. Some may have an installation script, some only installation instructions. Most are free to use, but please familiarize yourself with the license and limitations for each one you might use.

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PHP Scripts

These are not full blown web apps, but rather small add-on utilities that handle a specific task within a PHP driven web site. They were developed to solve a single problem.

ipblock – a simple script to block malicious users from accessing certain areas of a web site.

Web Based Applications

Typically these apps are stand alone PHP/MySQL apps requiring they be run on a web server.

c3 Heirlooms – an app to record the history of family heirlooms.

Mac Stuff

The beauty of macs besides being wonderfully stable, is that’s it’s fairly easy to create your own tiny utilities to accomplish a task you do often. In those rare moments I can’t find something someone else has created to perform a task, I take a swing at it myself. The results that really shine will be posted here.

c3checksum – a simple AppleScript droplet app to quickly check a file MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksum.