Scott Hampton founded Creed Communications in Jan. 1999 after realizing small businesses were being left behind on the Internet for lack of an affordable way to engage in it.

Offering affordability and personal attention, business quickly grew to dozens of business clients both small and medium sized. Soon after Creed Communications began offering web hosting, PERL programming, and web development training.

When the Internet ‘bubble’ burst in mid 2000, followed a year later by the horrific events on 9/11/2001, many businesses stopped spending on web sites and sadly, many others went out of business. Coinciding with the gradual decline in clients an opportunity to work in database development for a large publishing company presented itself. Development and hosting at Creed Communications continued but on a much smaller scale.

In 2006 Creed Communications moved under the umbrella of Creed3 LLC. Soon after Creed3 joined forces with Small Green Alien Productions to form a new web hosting company Alien Creed which operated through 2009. When Alien Creed ceased operations several web hosting clients and the domain name registration services moved to Creed3.

Today, having relocated to Nashville, Indiana, Creed3 offers clients a full service web site solution from development to domain name registration to site hosting. The passion for serving small business and organizations is still our primary focus in addition to computer services for private individuals in Nashville and surrounding areas.